Monday, March 18, 2013

Passport :: Fee Structure, Validity, Types

Passport :: Fee Structure, Validity, Types

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Types of Passport

Types of Passport

The Passport Act, 1974 and Passport and Visa Manual 1974 regulate the issuance of passports. There are three types of passports being issued in Pakistan:-

* Oridinary.

* Diplomatic.

* Official.

Ordinary Passport

Ordinary Machine Readable Passport is issued to all citizens of Pakistan. read more...

Diplomatic Passport

Diplomatic passports are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan; to the Diplomats and other entitled categories in pursuance of Para-45 of Passport & Visa Manual, 2006.

Official Passport

Official passports are issued to Pakistani Nationals who are Senators, MNAs, Provincial Ministers, Judges of the Supreme/High Courts, Officers serving with the Governments proceeding abroad on official assignments etc. in pursuance of Para-9 of Passport & Visa Manual, 2006.

National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) :: Introduction

National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has gained international recognition for its success in providing solutions for identification, e-governance and secure documents that deliver multi-pronged goals of mitigating identity theft, safe-guarding the interests of our clients, and facilitating the public. In-depth Research and Development efforts have enabled NADRA to become the trailblazer in the area of Software Integration, Data Warehousing, Network Infrastructure Development and Project Management.

NADRA set out on the journey of Civil Registration of all Pakistanis in March 2000 and in a short span of time NADRA’s team indigenously created a state of the art centralized Data Warehouse, Network Infrastructure and Interactive Data Acquisition Systems to issue secure Computerized National Identity Cards (CNIC). With the introduction of this new fool-proof, comprehensive and highly sophisticated computerized system, NADRA has been successful in reducing the identity theft to a bare minimum. NADRA prides itself on one of the largest centralized databases in the world. This highly secure and intelligent National Data Warehouse is the central hub of NADRA’s extraordinary strength and growth in the last 8 years. NADRA’s National Data warehouse hosts the data of over 96 million citizens and runs various Transaction Processing, Business Intelligence and Decision Support applications. Operating on international standards and models, NADRA has also developed a comprehensive supply chain, developing understandings with worldwide technology developers & resellers that give us access to state-of-the-art technologies and also enable us to assist clients in acquiring the best value for money in the market.

NADRA proudly employs a highly skilled workforce of more than 11,000 technical and management personnel, who contribute to register more than 96 million citizens and print more than 95 million Computerized National Identity Cards. To achieve this gigantic landmark NADRA has developed 365 Multi-biometric Interactive Registration Centers and deployed 189 mobile vans to register citizens living in far-flung areas, with a motive to provide quality service and comfort.

During this short span of time, NADRA has gained significant international recognition. ID World, organizers of the ID Card & Electronic Passport Forum have ranked NADRA as one of the World’s Top 50 Suppliers of e-Passport Technology for 04 years running.

NICOP Delivery Time and Fee Structure for Different Zone

NICOP Delivery Time and Fee Structure for Different Zone upto 18-03-2013

NADRA Products Fee Structure and Delivery Time

NADRA Products Fee Structure and Delivery Time upto 18-03-2013

NICOP Tracking from your desktop / handheld

NICOP Tracking from your desktop / handheld

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Smart National ID Card

NADRA, World's largest biometric citizen database launches the Smart cards for the first time in Pakistan after Birmingham and Germany.

 “The key features of the programme include Biometric Authentication through utilisation of Smart Card, automation of pension disbursement system to provide real time feedback and mobility options to pensioners to withdraw their pension from banks, post offices or other allied alternate channels. It was suggested that more automation options shall be considered in order to withdraw amount from any outlet not necessary where the account is.” Tariq Malik, Chairman.

The chairman also said Nadra  was also working on biometrics teachers’ attendance initiative. Giving details about the progress on biometric teachers’ attendance, he said Nadra had designed a solution which would ensure attendance through biometrics using GPRS based devices which will be provided to every school. However, the President has instructed the chairman to link the attendance data with the payroll data to ensure that only those attending schools are paid through the national exchequer.